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When not to dispose SharePoint objects

December 14, 2010

Whenever you create a new instance of the SPSite and SPWeb objects you need to make sure that these objects are disposed of properly when the are no longer needed.

However there are situations when you don need to (actually you mustn’t) dispose these objects. It is not a well documented area of sharepoint, the SPDisposeCheck tool also doesn’t fully cover these cases. In general it is true that you mustn’t dispose of the context and parent site or web objects.

So you mustn’t dispose the following objects:
(not a working example, just for demonstration…)

//demo objects
SPSite site;
SPWeb web;
SPList list;
SPListItem li;
SPListEventProperties propList;
SPFeatureReceiverProperties propFeature;
SPWebEventProperties propWeb;
SPItemEventProperties propItem;

//don't dispose this object
object o;

// Current or parent Web
o = SPControl.GetContextWeb(null); 
o = SPContext.Current.Web ;
o = site.RootWeb;
o = web.ParentWeb;
o = list.ParentWeb;
o = li.Web;
o = propList.Web;
o = propList.List.ParentWeb;
o = propWeb.Web;
o = propItem.ListItem.Web;

// Current or parent site
o = SPControl.GetContextSite(null);
o = SPContext.Current.Site;
o = web.Site;

// Parent site or web or farm
o = propFeature.Feature.Parent;
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