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Can’t remove columns form a SharePoint view (checkboxes disabled)

March 31, 2011

When modifying the properties of a list view webpart and click on the “Edit the current view” link then the Edit view page opens (_layouts/viewedit.aspx). This is the same page that is used for editing list views on the lists.

On this page you may be surprised to see that the checkboxes next to some of the columns are disabled. This is because in the list view webpart it is only possible to append fields to existing views and not possible to remove fields. If someone wants to remove fields, the only option is to create a new view on the list and set it as selected view in properties of the webpart.

When looking into the source code of the viewedit.aspx we can see that the disabled columns are Explicit fields (SPViewFieldCollection.Explicit).

There is a Remark on the MSDN documentation page of the SPViewFieldCollection.Explicit method which gives some clue about this behaviour but we didn’t find any more documentation about it:

Explicitly declared fields are used, for example, in the list views of Web Parts on the home page or on Web Part Pages and cannot be removed through the user interface.

One Comment
  1. Mikael Nyborg permalink

    I have the same problem after applying the security patch KB2493987. If I choose for example “All items” and then go to “Edit the current view” I can choose again what fields to display. I run Server 2003 R2 and WSS 3.0

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