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SharePoint Explorer view file upload errors and problems

August 31, 2011

When uploading files to SharePoint document libraries using the Explorer view, the upload can fail quite often without apparent reason. These are the steps that can be used to troubleshoot this issue:

Free disk space:
Check that there’s enough disk space on the SQL Server computer, where the mdf and ldf files of the SharePoint content databases are stored.

Too deep folder structure
Document libraries do not accept paths exceeding 260 chars. When trying to upload folders with deep folder structure the URL of the actual files may reach this limit.

Blocked file types:
Open Central Administration
Go to Operations > Blocked File Types
Ensure that non of the files that you want to upload has the extension that is listed here.
Note that when you attempt to upload a blocked type file using the standard SharePoint upload page you will get a detailed error message if the upload fails. Here it’s easy to check if a file type is blocked or not. When uploading files via Explorer view, the upload simply cannot upload the file, without saying that its type is blocked.

Open Central Administration
Check site collection quotas: Application Management > Site Collection Quotas and Locks
Also you can check quota usage for the particular site as described here:

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