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Visual Studio 2010 is very slow – VMWare Virtual Debugger

February 2, 2012

Recently I experienced that my Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate has became very slow. The startup takes several minutes while opening a small project is also a couple of minutes.
After startup, I coud see the “VMware Virtual Debugger loaded successfully.” message in the output window.

Probably VMWare Virtual Debugger was installed on my computer (I don’t know how, I don’t use it) and VS was trying to connect to the Virtual Machine but it couldn’t. Stopping the running VMs on my computer and restarting VS a couple of minutes later solved my issue.

(actually, I still don’t know how the Virtual debugger was installed. Probably via a VMWare update, but I surely did not install it intentionally.)


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One Comment
  1. I also see the “VMware Virtual Debugger loaded successfully” message but I have problems with slow VMware not slow VS2010.

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