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Visual Studio 2012 – New SharePoint List and Content Type designer

February 15, 2012

Visual Studio 2012 brings long-missed features for SharePoint 2010 developers: Designers for creating content types and lists. This was only possible via editing elements.xml files manually in Visual Studio 2010.

Here is a short overview on these new designers:

When creating new project, you have the similar options for SharePoint 2010 as in Visual Studio 2012.

You can add new site columns to your project. Site Columns have no designer, you need to edit the elemets.xml file manually:

You can also add new content type to the project (as in VS 2010):

and you get a nice visual editor where you can design the content type – very similar to the new content type page on the SharePoint portal under Site Settings. You can use existing site columns and your custom site columns as well to build the content type:

You can also create new Lists (which include both the List Definition and the List Instance)…

…and there is also a designer to list where you can add Columns, Content Types:

…and you can even create custom views:

.. and set list properties:

The created elements are placed into your feature and you can deploy them to see the results:

And here are the results:
The created list instance, with the custom site column and view:

The new item page for the custom content type:

  1. this is vs 2010 not 2012, fake post

  2. permalink

    How can i get this window? I dont have it!

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