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Visual Studio 2012 – SharePoint Remote publishing

February 28, 2012

Visual Studio 2012 allows developers to publish the SharePoint solutions not only to the Local sharepoint server but to a remote server, too. As the MSDN describes:

In addition to deploying SharePoint solutions to the local system, you can publish sandboxed SharePoint solutions to remote sites or local SharePoint sites. The remote publishing process copies the .wsp file to the SharePoint server, installs the solution, and then enables you to activate the solution. You can also upgrade a remote SharePoint solution installation after changes are made to it.

Using this feature is quite simple. Just right-click your sandboxed SharePoint project in the Solution Explorer and select Publish…

In the Site Url field you can enter the URL of the remote site which can be an Office 365 site as well.

There are apparent limitations however that can limit the usability of this new feature (based on the Developer Preview release):

  • Only Sandboxed solutions can be published. Farm solutions are not supported.
  • The solution is only installed on the remote server. The Solution and the Features are not activated by Visual Studio. This needs to be done manually via the browser.
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