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Creating loops in SharePoint Designer 2013

July 30, 2012

In SharePoint Designer 2010 it was not possible to create loops in workflows (or only in a quite painful way…). In SharePoint Designer 2013 there is a new Loop activity which supports looping.

Let’s crate a new site workflow to test it. Make sure that the Platform Type of the workflow is set to SharPoint 2013 Workflow otherwise looping will not be available.

If only SharPoint 2010 Workflow is listed in the dropdown, then you don’t have the new Windows Azure Workflow platform installed. It is not straightforward how to install it, check out this article for instructions:

From the ribbon, let’s add one of each loop type to the designer

and add some test actions into the body of the loop
(note that I created two numeric initiation parameters for the workflow to set the number of iterations, but you can just hard-code some numbers)

That’s all. Save and Publish the workflow to test it.
You can start your workflow from the Site Workflows page of your site (reachable form the View Site Contents page)

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