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#ERROR in Formula fields after Saving/Publishing mpp file to Project Server

October 1, 2012

A Project Manager is working with an .mpp projectplan localy, then he decides to save it to Project Server.
He saves the file to Project Server and Publishes the project. Then he notices that the values in some of the fields are replaced with “#ERROR”.


The investigation shows that the affected fields are all Formula fields.
The mpp file got corrupted some way (probably by the project server). After saving the .mpp as .xml in Project Professional, we can see that an “Ltuid” attribute is appended to many formula columns in the file. This attribute should appear only for lookup columns. This attribute stores “The GUID of the lookup table associated with the custom field.” (MSDN) but in the corrupted file it stores an unknown GUID.

When checking the fields in Project Professional (Tools / Customize / Fields…) in the Custom Fields window the Custom Attribute of the affected fields is set to “Lookup…”, instead of “Formula…”


We were able to temporarily fix the project plan changing the type of the fields back to “Formula…” from “Lookup…” in MS Project. Interestingly the formula itself was not lost, only the field type was corrupted.


Project Server 2007 SP3 solves this issue.

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    Hi, I know this is from a while back but I got this exact same error as described in Project Pro 2010 SP2 / Project Server 2010. I’m patched up to the current, maybe a hotfix or cumulative update would resolve this issue for me. Thanks for the post.

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