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Outlook Web Access 2003 doesn’t work with Internet Explorer 10

December 10, 2012

Apparently Internet Explorer 10 is not compatible with Outlook Web Access 2003, but you can change the browser mode in IE to be able to use the PWA.
Press F12 in the browser to open the developer tools and in the “Browser Mode: IE10” menu select “Internet Explorer 9”. This will make the OWA believe that it is viewed via IE9 and it will work, at least our first smoke test passed.

This is the error that appears when you try to view your mails in the inbox via OWA :

/exchweb/img/tf_TwoLine.xsltable-layout:fixed;width:100%;Two-Line ViewBKBMBfalseNonepercentItem Typestring;cursor:hand;text-align: center;Fromstring;cursor:hand;text-align: ;padding-right:3px;padding-left:3px;Receiveddateurn:schemas:httpmail:datereceived1001width:29%;cursor:hand;text-align: ;padding-right:3px;padding-left:3px;ddd M/d/yyyyH:mmFlagStatusi4;cursor:hand;text-align: center;Subjectstring;cursor:hand;text-align: ;padding-right:3px;padding-left:3px;Importancei4;cursor:hand;text-align: center;Attachmentbooleanurn:schemas:httpmail:hasattachment1101width:15px;cursor:hand;text-align: center;”” = false AND “DAV:isfolder” = falseurn:schemas:httpmail:datereceivedDESCdatebackground-color:buttonface

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  1. Gustavo permalink

    Thanks!!! it helped me a lot after several minutes trying o solve it..

  2. Connie Vazquez permalink

    I did this, and although I can view the emails, I can’t reply or forward them. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  3. Dan permalink

    Works like a charm!

  4. Lindsey permalink

    Fix works, thank you

  5. honest jon permalink

    awesome. worked for me too. FYI: the “the broken piece of paper” icon shows up once you login to your WebMail. And all you need to do is left-click it and it changes color to indicate it is active.

  6. Jason permalink

    You can also just enable compatibility view which is the icon next to the refresh page in the address bar that looks like a broken piece of paper.

  7. John permalink

    This fix also worked for me

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